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About Us


Since its founding in 1997, the Robotics Design group has been a leading corporation in the field of modular robotic technology. It is composed of multiple divisions that share a mission to provide unique and innovative products to serve humanity and simplify their lives while protecting the environment they live in. Each individual division of the Robotics Design group provides specialized products to a wide variety of markets. From inspection to restoration to cleaning to manufacturing and more products being born daily, Robotics Design’s creativity and diversity has set them apart from the competition. Robotics Design continues to form strategic partnerships with research centers and companies who believe in our goal of advancement through simplicity. Our divisions come together when special projects with outside groups are underway, and share their success together by sharing technological advancements, resulting in the most advanced products possible. Our headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, and our distributors provide our advanced equipment to satisfied clients across the globe. Robotics Design knows that education shapes the minds of the next generation who will become the leaders of the future. We have provided numerous robots to universities across Canada, and will continue to support education in an effort to further improve society and the world around us.

We are open to new ideas and inventions, and our friendly customer service agents are always waiting for your call, and are always happy to serve you in any way possible.