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  Snake Handler. Hydro-Quebec heightens safety of plant operations with modular “snake-arm” manipulator.
Handling in small confined spaces where machinery cannot enter is usually done manually by several workers, complicating the task and posing…

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Design Engineering by Steve Scanlan, September 2012
  ANATERGOARM démontera sa force herculéenne en Californie
Les prochains mois s'annoncent prometteurs pour le président de Robotics Design. En effect, Charles Khairallah, inventeur de l'ANATERGORM sera...

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Le magazine de l’aluminium, Andrée Rainville, June 2011, p.98

  Arm Allows Brake Unit Repair at Hydro-Quebec Facility
Minimal working space under the generator rotors at Hydro-Quebec’s 5,328-MW Robert-Bourassa Generating Station was one of the factors that made brake unit repairs an expensive challenge...

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Hydro Review June 2011, p.66

  Flexible Robot Eases Mould Changes.
Injection moulders are constantly looking to speed up mould changes. A new concept from a Montreal firm might help. The ANATERGOARM is a manual modular snake-arm…

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Plastics in Canada, November 2009