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Manual Handling

Developed by Robotics Design Inc & Michel Dallaire Design Industriel inc. Canada

The ANATERGOARM™ AEA-15 is a heavy-duty modular ergonomic arm constructed of anodized aluminum. It provides a weight-free, safe and comfortable way to position and use a wide variety of heavy pneumatic, electric and hydraulic tools. The ERGOARM™ is composed of a vertical column for the base connected to a serial linkage of modules for the arm(s) that fold relatively to each other to offer a large coverage area.

At the touch of a button, users can effortlessly move the ANATERGOARM™ and any attached accessory vertically, while horizontal movements are easily guided by the wrist. The automatic brake equipped in the arm allows it to stop and stay at its current vertical position when the button is released. The base of the robot contains weights which balance the arm depending on the attached pay-load, which nullifies the effect of gravity and provides the arm with friction-less movement.

The ANATERGOARM™'s modular design was made to mimic the biomechanical movement of the human body, and this hyper-redundant capability allows for exceptional obstacle avoidance abilities. This increases efficiency and productivity for workers doing both repetitive tasks and tasks in limited spaces. Also, the effort-free movement of the ANATERGOARM™ helps to prevent Repetitive Motion Injury (RMI) at the workplace, while minimizing worker fatigue and accidents.

The ANATERGOARM™’s length can be customized by adding or removing modules to or from the arm. An optional extension can be added to allow the user to rotate the tool holder by 90 or 180 degrees. The arm can be mounted on a column or fixed overhead using our rugged support system, designed for long lasting performance.


  • Improves the operator’s comfort by providing an ergonomic working procedure
  • Reducing RMI such as carpal tunnel
  • Allows one user to perform lifting and transport operations without assistance
  • Simplifies complex operations in limited spaces 
  • Allows high reach and flexibility
  • Hight reach and flexibility
  • Simple, durable and dexterous ergonomic design
  • Speeds up work while reducing injuries 
  • Reduces time for drilling, tapping, welding and many other applications 
  • Absorbs recoil torque 
  • Maximizes human resources

Key Features

  • High payload carrying capacity: can be customized for up to 100kg 
  • Adjustable arm length: users can add or remove modules depending on their application's needs 
  • Inexpensive work area coverage: performs full 360 degree rotation without turning the base 
  • Lifts heavy objects in limited spaces where obstacle avoidance is critical 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Heavy-duty, high quality patented technology using long lasting components 
  • High degree of safety: object and arm position retention assured even if air pressure is removed 
  • Built with corrosion free anodized aluminum 
  • Connectors, cables and wiring located inside the structure
  • Modular design allows users to easily customize arm for special applications
  • Arm remains parallel to the horizontal plane for friction-less movement
  • High quality long lasting bearings
  • Optional flexible tool holder, adaptable to wide range of standard tooling
  • Build with corrosion-free anodized aluminum


  • Tapping de-burring, nut runner 
  • Burnishing & sizing (Through holes) 
  • Inserting helicoids
  • Drilling, Screwing, Grinding, Torch cutting
  • Handling and repairing objects in restricted places
  • Maintenance

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