BIXI© Public Modular Bike System

Custom Projects - BIXI Montreal

With the team formed by Michel Dallaire Inc., Charles Khairallah the founder of Robotics Design Inc., 8D technology and Devinci, the BIXI© was born.

We created the bike docking station, another example of Robotics Design’s motto; “simplicity through advancement” in action. The modularity of the bike dock simplifies maintenance, allows the system to be used for multiple purposes, and ensures maximum durability. The majority of the system is made of aluminum, which makes it easy to deploy, move and arrange, and makes the system recyclable. Each group of docks is solar powered, which optimizes power consumption and makes the entire system environmentally friendly.

The 19th best invention of 2008 according to TIME magazine and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, BIXI’s success is legendary. It has expanded across the world in a matter of weeks, and continues to receive positive media coverage daily. This project has followed the path of Robotics Design’s mission to “provide unique and innovative products to serve humanity and simplify their lives while protecting the environment they live in”.

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