Security & Tactical E.O.D.

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The Security and Rescue division develops advanced robots for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, search and rescue and firefighting. 

Security & Tactical E.O.D. products

ERE-S100 - Security market


ERI-S100 - Security market


Find the best robot for your application

Life-saving ANAT™ Technology

Our division’s mission is to employ robots where human life would be at risk and for life-saving applications. We use the highest quality components to create robots users can rely on completely.

Our advanced security and rescue division makes explosive ordnance disposal, search and rescue and firefighting robots with high towing power and an advanced movement system, allowing them to work on the most difficult terrains and over obstacles. Their hand-held size allows them to be carried by a single user and fit through tight spaces with heavy equipment. They detect life at a distance with heat sensors, and can combine into larger robots for special tasks. They can also serve for hazardous tasks in mining, construction and demolition.

At Robotics Design, your safety is our number one priority, and this division lets us use ANAT™ technology to make the world around us a safer place to live in.