Included with ANATROLLER™ ARI-10

  • Camera #1 Integrated in robot
  • 2 variable luminosity lights
  • 100 foot stainless steel cable
  • 3 whip nozzle
  • Forward and Reverse blowing nozzle 1/4"
  • Tablet PC for viewing and recording video

Additional Accessories

360 degree rotatable hd camera rc-10

360 rotatable HD camera

Magnetic base for vertical descent MA-10

Magnetic base for vertical descent

Removable rear view camera RVC-10

Removable rear view camera

Image coming soon

Removable 4K inspection camera

Luminosity lights lv-10

2 variable luminosity lights

Image coming soon

Battery power supply

Cable glider cg-151

The CableGlider™ for the ARI-100, ARI-50 and ARI-10 suspends connector cables off of sharp access hole edges for smooth movement.

Key Features

  • Dual versions – Tracks (ARI-10T) and wheels (ARI-10)
  • Light weight, easy to operate and deploy
  • Durable construct
  • Descends ducts vertically
  • Made from eco-friendly aircraft grade aluminum
  • Scales 30° slopes
  • Add and remove accessories
  • Customizable high quality inspection system
  • Great in small ducts and corners
  • Works plugged or on battery (optional)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 2 cable options – Stainless steel and universal cable (two-in-one)

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 is a mobile robot made for all the needs and challenges of residential duct cleaning. Robotics Design Inc. conducted extensive studies in the residential duct cleaning market to determine the needs of the market. This affordable duct cleaning solution responds to every need and challenge for a complete residential duct cleaning solution. 

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 is highly maneuverable, small-sized and designed to be easily and rapidly deployed in both vertical and horizontal ducts. A magnetic movement system allows the robot to descend into metallic ducts vertically. It fits inside the smallest ducts and can easily drive through tight spaces and sharp turns with its high-grip tracks. This robot is specialized for professional inspection thanks to its advanced lighting system and choice of state-of-the-art cameras that deliver video in real-time to an included tablet PC. It weighs only 5kg, and can operate on battery power making it perfect for pre and post-job inspections.

With 2 versions of this ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 available, clients are able to order a robot tailored to their specific applications. For those who simply want to use their robot for duct inspection, the ARI-10 is more affordable, has a lighter body, and comes with wheels. For more versatile applications consisting of inspection, cleaning, coating, disinfecting, and sealing, the robust ARI-10T with tracked wheels is a more suitable option.

The robot has 2 cable options. The stainless steel cable is easier to deploy, more flexible, and has better vertical driving capabilities but requires a separate cord for air flow – making it more suited for inspection jobs. The second option is a two-in-one Robotics Design standard solution that combines cleaning and air leads in a single cable. Both cables are made of high quality materials making them durable and resistant to wear-and-tear while being quick and easy to clean. Duct cleaners can even sit with their customers while cleaning, using the HD camera feed to conduct a spotless job, done efficiently and in complete safety. With our professional cleaning equipment, cleaning dusty ducts is no longer dirty work.

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