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HVAC Cleaning & Inspection

Air Plus Logo Air Plus, Canada

My company has recently completed a large commercial contract where the ventilation needed to have all of the interior sealed.  The system was approximately 30 ft in the air and could not be accessed with any type of hydraulic lift because of the structure below.  Our only option to seal the interior was to proceed with what is called "intrusion" which consist of having a technician enter the inside of the air duct to apply the sealant manually. Unfortunately these air ducts we're only made of insulation boards and could not withhold the weight of a technician.  Thankfully we had the ARI-100 with the spray nozzle attachment which turned an impossible job into a beautifully finished contract and a happy customer. There is absolutely no way that this job could have been done without the spray nozzle.

Jacques Scott
Premierservice Plus Logo Premierservice +, Russia

I am sure you have heard a lot of positive reviews about your robots. And I decided that I will not miss the opportunity and join the most prominent of them. Robots "ANATROLLER™", especially ARI-50, is a work of art! The technical art! Without a doubt - this is the best and most advanced to date solution for cleaning of ventilation on the planet. Thank you for ARI-50!

Ivan Soloviev
Air2 Logo Air2, Canada

I called Robotics Design on a Saturday Evening and Charles answered me. This goes to show how he is vested on his business. I’ve been shopping around for a duct cleaning robot for months and after one phone call I’ve purchased the ARI-50. Robotics Design should be considered as the quality player in duct cleaning robots in our field. He even designed us extra parts for our robot within days. He offers the best quality with the best service!

Steven Daigle, President
Air Innovation Logo Air Innovation, Canada

We procured an ARI-100 robot from Robotics Design four months ago, and since this time we work with this robot almost every day, and we are very satisfied with its efficiency. Not only is the robot much more user-friendly and versatile than our old robots, but it is also more reliable, and the quality of imaging is extraordinary, which is of the utmost importance for us, as we work in the sanitation of air conditioning ducts. The training received and the technical support of Robotics Design have met our highest expectations. It is clear that our next robots will also come from Robotics Design. Thank you to all the team.

Martin Garon, Owner of Air Innovation
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Kelair Logo Kel’air, France

Kel’air is the first European company to be equipped by Robotics Design. We use the ARI-100 robot since spring of 2010, and we share the will to be at the forefront of technology with this company in order to provide a service of the best quality possible. In this spirit, we are developing a technological partnership with Robotics Design to participate with the constant amelioration of this service, and we are very proud to be the first Europeans to work with their teams.

Jean-Jacques Pellerin, Manager at Kel’air

Translated from French by Steve Scanlan

Groupe Danco, Canada

We own a total of six robots including an ANATROLLER™, made by Robotics Design, which we bought two years ago. Its unique brushing technology makes the robot perform very well for cleaning small to medium sized ducts. It is a very compact and robust robot. The ANATROLLER™ is very easy to manoeuvre. It is connected by a single unique cable that combines control and air which allows the user to save time every time the robot is used. Because the arm of the ANATROLLER™ can be move in all directions, we are able to clean every surface of the duct in one operation. We use the ANATROLLER™ robot in many sectors including; medical, institutional, industrial and commercial. The robot is very efficient, and we are very satisfied. Given the opportunity, we will not hesitate to recommend the ANATROLLER™ to other enterprises.

Mr. Guy Grimard, Director of operations

Translated from French by Steve Scanlan

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École de technologie supérieure, Canada

We needed a robot for building inspection, a robot specifcally designed for our needs. This is why we did not want to buy an “on the shelf” product. Therefore, we searched for a Québécois manufacturer who could adapt his robot to our needs. We thus established a partnership with Robotics Design, founded by a graduate of ETS. The ANATROLLER™ robot of Robotics Design is stable, robust and flexible; it is capable of going in hard-to-reach places. If it flips over, it always repositions itself in the right position. I am 100% satisfied with the performance of the ANATROLLER™ which has a very good quality to price ratio. It was also very enjoyable to work with Mr. Charles Khaïrallah who was always available for us, and respected our schedule.

Mr. Javier Beltran-Galindo, Eng. “École de technologie supérieure"

Translated from French by Steve Scanlan

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Cyclone Ventilation Logo Cyclone Ventilation, Canada

I started my career in duct cleaning more then 17 years ago, before the existence of robots, so I had to enter into the ducts myself. I have worked with four different types of robots and I can confirm that ANATROLLER™ robots cannot be compared to any other product on the market. I’ve used the ARI-100™ and the ARI-50™ and I can say without a doubt that the ARI-100™ is the most professional cleaning robot, and it has allowed me to save an enormous amount of time. It is a product of superior quality, and is definitely very enjoyable to use. The ARI-50™ is made more for inspection, but can also clean. It is very useful and can connect and disconnect in a couple seconds. We can also record high resolution videos without a computer, thanks to an integrated video recorder which allows me to recuperate the videos on a USB key. Since using ANATROLLER™ robots, I will never go back to manual labour. I recommend without hesitation to technicians to try it, so as to convince them that they have to adopt it.

Mr. Patrick Potuin, Duct cleaning technician
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Airtox, Canada

From a technological view-point, ANATROLLER™ is the most advanced robot on the market. We own a robot from another manufacturer which we have not used since we bought the ANATROLLER™. “The robot does what I want it to do. It works in the most difficult situations.” At AIRTOX, we use ANATROLLER™ for inspection and cleaning. The ANATROLLER™’s unique characteristic is its articulated arm. It makes a huge difference. We can attach work tools to it such as brushes and air injectors, and can adjust them while the robot is working in the duct. Unlike other robots on the market, you don’t need to remove the robot form the duct to adjust attachments. ANATROLLER™ is light, easy to operate, easy to transport, and can easily surmount obstacles. It easily climbs up and down slopes. It can also be used in institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. The services provided by our provider is excellent, they are always available to help us. Acquiring the ANATROLLER™ has allowed us to reduce our operating costs, and our satisfaction can be rated at 9.5/10. We will not hesitate to work again with the “Cyclone Ventilation” and “Robotics Design” team, which we have already recommended to other enterprises.

Mr. Roger Légault, president of Airtox

Translated from French by Steve Scanlan

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Assisted Handling

Hydro Quebec, Canada

The implementation of higher health and safety standards prompted us to review our working methods and modernize some of our maintenance tools, such as the one used to dismantle our brake units. Our existing tool allowed us to perform work of a limited scope and, because it was crafted in-house, development engineering was not a consideration. Companies specialized in custom tooling are few and far between, so the purchase of a new tool posed a challenge for us. We turned to our internal engineering advisors at the Shawinigan facility in the Montérégie region for advice. Although they had crafted many tools for us in the past, they could not offer a solution to this particular problem.

When I contacted Mr. Khairallah at Robotics Design, he seemed very enthusiastic and was eager to solve our problem. I believe this type of challenge is the very reason he gets up to go to work in the morning. Although many engineering firms could have met our requirements, none could have delivered the type of device crafted by Robotics Design at a reasonable cost. Thanks to the purchase of this new device, we now have lightweight, state-of-the art equipment that is both easy to install and safe to use.

Mr. Daniel Côté, Technician at Production Mechanical Central R.B LG2
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Safran Landing Systems, Canada

This project was a success thanks to the professionalism of Mr. Charles Khariallah and the Robotics Design team. From the project study until conception, improvements were made throughout the process of fabrication, which was already above our expectations. The listening to our needs and regular communication ensured evolution at each stage of the project.

André Ducharme, Operator and project commissioner
Safran Landing Systems, Canada

Our experience with Robotics Design was very high quality. After many searches, our attention was put on their concept to help us resolve the problem of ergonomy. From our first encounter, we were very optimistic about the potential that the ANATERGOARM™ could offer us in regards to improving heavy load handling and for the specific task we wanted to do.

Charles and his team later presented us a quality project, offering what we were searching for. The interface created by the team here, the Mirabel factory of Safran Landing Systems, in collaboration with the one of Robotics Design to allow the holding of cutting tools in the tool-machine this has found to be very effective in its final version, which is now in operation here. It is easy to operate and solid.

The development and testing using a 3D printer before construction permitted us to make modifications and adjustments at a minimal cost instead of using a "trial and error" method with the available materials. The installation and commissioning were well supported by Charles and his team.

Alain P. Aubin, Method Technician and Project Leader

Custom Solutions

École de technologie supérieure, Canada

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent innovative design and solutions of the automatic deployable container (ADC) for an international company abroad.

The design provided a simple solution and an innovative design permitting one container to be transformed into three containers by just pushing one electric button. The work also included the structural analysis, optimization of the materials and fabrication procedure. In the design phase, Robotics Design considered sustainable development with environmental and safety considerations. The innovative design approach of Robotics Design provided thermal isolation, air and water tightness of the container, as well as the internal partition to create a toilet, one open concept kitchen and two living rooms. The design included also the electrical wiring, plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) of the unit. Finally the transportation and maintenance recommendations were also issued.

Professor Vahé Nerguizian École de technologie supérieure
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KEYvac R&D Inc.

The creativity and technical judgement of Charles Khaïrallah, M. engineer and president of Robotics Design are key caracteristics that anabled my company to pursue the development and the production protocole of a new High Volume Evacuator handpiece for medico-dental applications: KEY QÜES (Quiet Universal Evacuation System).

His ease of understanding technical hurdles and his capacity to innovate in order to use new apporaches to complete a project give a significant competitive advantage to Robotics Design.

Dr Patrick D. Lemoine, President of KEYvac R&D Inc.
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