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November 2019

We will feature our ergonomic ANATERGOARM™ snake arms at the Foro de Proveeduría Automotriz in Léon, Mexico, as a part of the Canada-Quebec delegation.
Our goal is to show the effectiveness of our modular handling arms in raising productivity and decreasing work injury cases for all manufacturing phases that include heavy load or repetitive handling, especially in tight work places and paths that include obstacles. Come visit us at our stand No.186!

September 2019

Robotics Design Inc. is proud to participate in the mission of the ministerial delegation by the minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Pierre Fizgibbion, to Wichita, USA on the 8th and 9th of September 2019, for a visit at industrial research facilities for innovative manufacturing.

We will visit the Wichita State University campus of innovation as well as the 3DExperience Center of the Dassault Systems company.

August 2019

We were recently featured in the Plant magazine of July/August 2019. On page 30, you will learn more about how Robotics Design and the University of Windsor tested the effectiveness of using an ANATERGOARM™, ergonomic snake arm for operators, to reduce kickback forces for torgue gun applications.

Results showed it was 441% more effective than when operators don't use any support!

June 2019

Visit us at APMA Windsor with the collaboration of Windsor university to showcase the efficiency of ANAT Technology for Automotive Manufacturing.

February 2019

Robotics Design will present its ANATERGOARM™ ergonomic manipulator arms that carry payloads from 15-500kg at the Automotive Meetings Queretaro trade fair with Export Québec and AluQuébec. Come visit our kiosk C.39!

November 2018

How is an unreasonable person’s vision one of the most important asset in business? Using the example of world known high-jumper Dick Fosbury, Julian Birkinshaw, professor at LBS, explains how unreasonable people need to experiment their ideas, keep trying and manage to grab their opportunity in order to be the greatest asset any company can have.
Our founder and director Mr. Charles Khairallah recently received the George Bernard Shaw Unreasonable Person Award, judges’ choice of 2018 by the London Business School.

September 2018

Robotics Design Inc. just released PROCOAT & VACAID, modular accessories for the ANATROLLER™ ARI-100. They provide efficient sealing, coating and disinfecting solutions for ducts.
These accessories can be reconfigured to be used for coating or for direct vacuuming.

September 2018

In 2010, we were approached to solve a substantial technical challenge, finding a way to bring to life what has been a dream for over a century: The flying car. Staying true to our motto "Advancement through simplicity" we wanted to bring something that was never seen in the multiple projects involving flying cars. Our goal was to think out of the box, overcoming all the existing designs of a hybrid between a car and a plane.

The result?

The Skylys. Using our breakthrough modular technology, The Skylys is a two-modules vehicle, a 100% car module and a 100% drone module, merging into an exceptional flying car. We strive to bring this project to life once the opportunity comes.