Industrial Manipulating - ANAT AMI-100


  • Tele-operation of Load/Haul/Dump vehicles
  • Tele-operation of aerial exploration platforms
  • General process monitoring
  • Material handling
  • Site inspection/decontamination
  • Waste handling
  • Assets inspection
  • Maintenance of power distribution systems

The ANAT AMI-100 is a tele-operated industrial manipulator with a modular architecture and hyper-redundant capabilities. It excels at operating in hazardous environments and limited work-spaces.

The ANAT AMI-100 exceeds human dexterity due to its modular design and hyper-redundant capabilities, and simplifies tasks in limited workspaces, or obstacle ridden areas. Due to its durable modular design with a high payload carrying capacity, this versatile industrial manipulator can be used in a wide variety of applications.

This robot is tele-operated at a distance, and is extremely user-friendly, reducing the level of expertise typically required to operate a manipulator.

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