Included with ANATROLLER™ ARI-50

  • Large wheels or tracks for 6” inch wide robot
  • Camera #1 integrated in front
  • Variable luminosity lighting
  • 100' feet of cable
  • Carrying case with control unit
  • Forward blowing skipper ball 1/4"
  • 3 whips nozzle
  • Forward and reverse blowing nozzle 1/4"
  • CWF 1401 CY-WHIP forward blowing 1/4" with 1 whip
  • Pneumatic motor with bristle adaptor
  • Tablet PC for viewing and recording video

Additional Accessories

Coating attachment for spraying water-based liquids in the duct. Includes camera.

The MobileReelingBase™ is a cable roller and feeder that protects the cable and allows it to be easily fed into the duct.

Removable rear view camera

The CableGlider™ for the ARI-100, ARI-50 and ARI-10 suspends connector cables off of sharp access hole edges for smooth movement.

Small Wheels kit 0.5 inch width for ARI-100 and ARI-50. Includes 4 wheels and shapeshifter.

Small track kit. Includes 4 wheels and 2 tracks. .5" width.

Customizable triple strip for polishing. Compatible with the ANATROLLER™.

Nozzles for air whips. Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Alloy. Custom-design available.

GoPro adapter that holds the camera. Compatible with ANATROLLER™ ARI-50.

2 variable luminosity lights with support.

Key Features

  • Light weight, easy to operate and deploy
  • Brushes, whips, polishes and inspects
  • Symmetric, durable and compact design
  • Works in 3.6 x 6 inch ducts
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Made from eco-friendly aircraft grade aluminum
  • One cable contains pressurized air and power
  • Shapeshifting and swarm bot capability
  • Weighs 5kg and tows 20kg
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 is a powerful and slim duct cleaning and inspection robot. This robot is specialized for commercial cleaning. It is designed for brushing and spraying disinfectant and sealant and to deliver years of reliable daily work in any type of duct regardless of challenges presented.

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 is highly maneuverable, small-sized, extremely powerful and designed to be easily deployed quickly. It fits ducts starting at 3.6” x 6”, and cleans ducts up to 2’ x 2’, allowing it to be used for the smallest ducts and in the vast majority of standard ductwork. Accessories for cleaning included, and accessories for coating, sealing, and personalized customizations are available. This robot weighs 5kg and carries 20kg and tows 30kg. 

The robot is connected with a single 100’ cable which combines both pressurized air and wiring, allowing it to comfortably navigate ducts with multiple twists and inclines. The user-friendly robot control system and video screen are included on a PC tablet. Duct cleaners can sit with their customers while cleaning and watch in HD a spotless job done very efficiently and in complete safety. With our professional cleaning equipment, cleaning dusty ducts is no longer dirty work!

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