Custom Projects - Skylys

In 2010, we were approached to create the dream of over a hundred years: the flying car. Many flying car designs exist, so we decided on a unique design that would embody our motto of “Advancement through simplicity” and provide unique advantages with user-friendly operation.

Existing car-plane hybrid projects didn’t maximize the potential of the car or plane, leading to a vehicle that was inefficient for flying and driving. Using our breakthrough modular technology, we created the Skylys, the union of a car and flying drone. The car is a powerful electric car with smart technology that calls the flying drone to your location and then merges with it. They form the Skylys, two completely separate car and drone modules that communicate and merge into an exceptional flying car.

We were proud to design the Skylys and firmly believe it will help make the world a more enjoyable place to live in, and welcome investors who think the same.

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