Assisted Handling - ANATERGOARM™ AEA-50M


  • Facilitates compliance with CSST worker safety requirements
  • Reduces RMIs such as carpal tunnel due to repetitive movements
  • One user can carry heavy loads with precision at maximum efficiency
  • Simplifies complex operations in limited spaces
  • Allows long reach and high flexibility
  • Reliable, durable and easy to use
  • Speeds up work while reducing injuries
  • Maximizes human resources
  • Smart design with minimal power consumption
  • Portable and easy to store


  • Large CNC machine manufacturers
  • Aircraft and aerospace manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing

Key Features

  • 50kg payload carrying capacity
  • Ergonomic: Handle and armrest designed for maximum comfort and safety while arm movements mimic the natural biomechanical movement of the human body
  • Adjustable arm length: users can add or remove modules depending on their  needs thanks to the modular design
  • Glides around obstacles in tight and confined spaces
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Heavy-duty, high quality, long lasting components made with patented technology
  • Safety: Load and arm position is retained even when electric power is removed
  • Built with corrosion-free anodized aluminum
  • Zero-gravity load design allows the arm to move horizontally without power
  • Add and remove components: flexible tool holder, adaptable to wide range of cutting tools

Developed by Robotics Design Inc. Canada

The ANATERGOARM™ AEA-50M with the CutterGripper™ loads and unloads long and heavy cutting tools such as boring bars or twin boring bars and milling cutters and heads from the automatic tool changers of CNC milling and lathe machines and holds them in place for adjustments. It also holds or rotates the disc cutter for users to add and remove cutting edge inserts. The arm lets you slide loads effortlessly and glide through confined and tight spaces in complete comfort without power consumption. The ANAT technology the arm is made with gives it all the advantages of zero gravity tool balancers, snake arms and ergonomic manipulator arms. Any worker can continuously hold, twist and slip discs and milling cutters in and out at maximum efficiency in complete safety with the ANATERGOARM™. The AEA-50M is the most ergonomic method for loading and unloading CAT50 heavy cutters in CNC machines.

The ANATERGOARM™ AEA-50M is a series of four ANAT modules with a 1.2m reach that form an arm and a motorized column the arm moves up and down inside at the push of a button on the ergonomic handle. ANAT technology combined with a zero-gravity load design of the arm eliminates all friction for horizontal movements, so it takes no power to slide the arm and attached load horizontally. The modules fold over each other, allowing the arm to take the most direct path to any object in its 1.2m range, and glide around obstacles. The handle and arm support provide maximum comfort and the arm movements mimic the natural biomechanical movement of the human body for complete guiding comfort. The arm requires zero power consumption moving or resting and vertical movement is motorized as well as the gripper. Tools are rotated at the push of a button, and a braking system locks them in place. A fully customizable modular gripper called the CutterGripper™ holds loads at the end of the arm.

The arm’s modules fold around each other completely when not in use, minimizing storage space. ANATERGOARM™ eliminates RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury) from heavy and repetitive tasks and workers consistently perform at maximum efficiency as their work becomes effortless. This makes work enjoyable with the ANATERGOARM™, and more than satisfies all the CSST security requirements.

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