Assisted Handling - ANATERGOARM™ TMA-500


  • Maintenance and repair of hydroelectric turbines
  • Industrial material manipulation
  • Handling, assembly and repair of heavy objects in limited work-enveloppes

Key Features

  • Fast and easy to assemble and remove portable and re-cofigurable modular design
  • Robust and flexible design which supports pay-loads up to 500kg
  • Adjustable arm length: users can add or remove modules depending on their needs
  • Optimized work-space coverage: performs a full rotation of 360 degrees without turning the base, reducing space needed to perform
  • Object and arm position retention assured even if power is removed
  • Arm remains parallel to the horzontal plane
  • Can be designed in dual arm configuration
  • Built with anodized aerospace aluminum and black oxide heat treated steel

The ANATERGOARM™ TMA-500 is a heavy-duty manual ergonomic manipulator arm specialized for repair and maintenance of hydroelectric turbines. It supports payloads of 500kg, and can be made stationary, or mobile along an easily deployed aluminum rail. This snake arm’s modularity allows it to avoid obstacles and easily manoeuvre in tight spaces. The arm is controlled manually, and moves horizontally without friction, allowing a single user to manipulate the arm and payload. The arm arrives ready-to-deploy in portable cases, and is just as easily and quickly stored, ensuing the least possible down-time of your system when repairs are required.

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