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The Aqueduct Division develops turnkey solutions for inspection and maintenance of underground water and sewer systems.

Aqueduct & Sewer products

ACI-100 - Aqueduct & Sewer


Find the best robot for your application

Map and repair underground waterways remotely

The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50A shape-shifting swarm robot is made from multiple specialized ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 modular robots. This robot is designed for inspection and repair needs in aqueduct and sewers, and can include an advanced inspection system that creates 3d digital images of the internal pipe. Individual ANATROLLER™ robots which form the ARI-50A can disconnect and work as a swarm like industrial lego, performing tasks separately or coordinated and then reconnect into the larger configuration as needed.

This results in vastly more efficient inspection times and reliability then standard CCTV methods. Furthermore, the unique shape-shifting ability of this robot allows it to work in environments and be adapted for tasks no other equipment can, such as repairs, drilling, cutting and welding. ANATROLLER™ robots eliminate downtime for aqueduct repairs by working inside the pipe and tunnel environment.