Education & Research - ANAT AME-100


  • The painting and spray finishing industry
  • The naval and boat building industry
  • The submarine industry
  • The aeronautic industry
  • The automobile industry
  • Arc welding
  • Palletizing
  • Material handling
  • Assembly
  • Material removal and cutting

The ANAT AME-100 robot is a modular hyper-redundant industrial manipulator by Robotics Design Inc. This advanced manipulator is made with a modular “snake-like” design with a high degree of precision in a compact, lightweight and durable anodized aluminum structure. Adjacent modules can be mechanically decoupled in seconds, facilitating maintenance and retrofitting. The innovative architecture of the AME-100 combines both articulated and scara architecture which increases the robot’s versatility, structural durability and payload carrying capacity.

The robot is programmable, and each module includes an advanced, fully digital distributed servo control system. Programming the robot is simple with our user-friendly programming software, which can be completely operated at the click of a mouse. This enables manufacturing plants to significantly decrease their man-power, which results in increased productivity.

The ANAT AME-100 excels at operations in restricting areas due to its hyper-redundant modular design that can be configured with up to 32 degrees of freedom. This provides the AME-100 with exceptional obstacle avoidance abilities, and allows a single robot to efficiently perform tasks in constricted places that typically require several robots that must be rearranged multiple times, or a large amount of human resources. Tasks in a large work envelope that would typically require two robots can be simplified by using a single AME-100 robot, due to the abilities associated with its modularity which allow the length of the arm to adjust depending on the applications.

The ANAT AME-100’s length, accessories, software and algorithm can be customized by the manufacturer depending on your applications in order to provide our clients with a personalized robot that will do the job the way they want it done.

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