HVAC Cleaning & Inspection

Find the best equipment to clean your ducts

The HVAC division develops and manufactures advanced duct cleaning and inspection equipment to boost your productivity and establish your duct cleaning company as the leader in its field.

HVAC Cleaning & Inspection products


The ANATROLLER™ ARI-10 is a highly manoeuvrable small-sized mobile robot, designed to be easily deployed quickly and work in both vertical and horizontal ducts. This robot is specialized for residential cleaning and disinfecting in metallic ductwork. A metallic 100 foot cable ensures the durability of the system, and a magnetic movement system allows the robot to descend into metallic ducts vertically. An advanced lighting system and camera delivers HD quality video in real-time to an included tablet PC.

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The ANATROLLER™ ARI-100 is a professional robot for duct cleaning and inspection. The most productive option for industrial and commercial cleaning and critical for hazardous duct work. Its arm moves in all directions and it climbs 5” obstacles and 45 degree slopes, allowing it to completely clean the duct in one pass. Cleans ducts sized 8” x 6” to 78” x 78”. Accessories for cleaning included, and accessories for coating, sealing and personalized customizations are available.

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The ANATROLLER™ ARI-50 is a powerful and slim duct cleaning robot. It cleans ducts from 3.6” x 6” up to 2’ x 2’  scales 45 degree slopes, drives over 1” obstacles and weighs only 5kg, making it the perfect option to clean the smallest and regular sized air ducts. Accessories for cleaning included, and accessories for coating, sealing, and personalized customizations are available.

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The CABLEEYE CDE-100 is a rugged cable inspection camera for use in small ducts and pipes starting at 1.85 inches in diameter. Its lens and body are highly durable and shock-resistant.

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The CABLEEYE CEI-R35 is an infrared high resolution camera for inspection of confined spaces starting at 1.2 inches in diameter.

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Find the best equipment to clean your ducts

Why choose duct cleaning robots?

Manual cleaning of air ducts is hard and risky work and has led to disastrous accidents and unexpected overhead costs. Errors made in the extensive worker safety protocols can be extremely detrimental to a duct cleaning professional’s health and the ductwork, especially in hazardous environments such as hospitals, or buildings where toxic substances are processed and deteriorated or weak systems. In fact, duct cleaners regularly list finding employees as their top challenge, because crawling in a dusty duct is not appealing to many job-seekers.

Duct cleaning robots are the clear solution to these challenges, and these products are on high demand by leading duct cleaning companies worldwide. Professional duct cleaning robots let duct cleaners finish a week’s work in three days and sometimes less, depending on the design of the ductwork. Workers can sit and watch with customers as they clean the duct remotely, ensuring work of the highest quality that is safe and relaxed for the duct cleaner. The light weight of the robots reduces the risk of damage to the duct, and eliminates pre-job costs associated with testing the duct to ensure it won’t collapse under a worker’s weight. Employees love the idea of driving an advanced robot around as a job, and just having a robot increases interest from job seekers and retention for existing employees.

ANATROLLER™ robots are the most powerful portable robots for professional air brushing in rectangular and circular HVAC ducts. They are precision-machined from a rugged aluminum mono-block designed for years of continuous use in the most severe industrial environments. These robots are highly manoeuvrable, allowing them to surmount obstacles and be used start-to-finish in the toughest jobs. Versatile and able to support several of our advanced customizations simultaneously, these robots are well able to overcome any challenge the duct may present. ANATROLLER™ robots increase your duct cleaning company's productivity and efficiency by making your job easier, faster and safer.

By choosing ANATROLLER™ advanced duct cleaning equipment, you are able to efficiently perform residential, commercial and industrial jobs from start to finish with a single worker. Most importantly, this shows clients that you care about providing the highest quality of work, as well as showing your employees your concern for their health. For productivity, quality and safety, choose ANATROLLER™ robots to easily get the job done properly and punctually, distinguishing your company as the leader in its field of service.