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Security & Tactical E.O.D. Division


The Security and EOD division is specialized in development of technologically advanced products for security and Explosive Ordnance Disposal purposes. The focus of our division is creating robots that are light-weight and portable, yet retain a high level of structural durability and payload carrying capacity. These robots will have the same obstacle and slope climbing abilities that clients have come to expect from ANATROLLER™ robots, as well as a modular design and low power consumption, which will optimize movement on a variety of terrains and increase the overall versatility of the robot.

We are currently forming a strategic partnership with a high-end disrupter manufacturer. Together we will be able to showcase Canadian innovation by providing the world with the most portable and powerful EOD robot on the market.

At Robotics Design, your safety is our number one priority, and we firmly believe that this division will help to make the world around us a safer place to live in and we are proud of this opportunity to serve humanity and improve their quality of life.


  •   ARE-S100
  •   ARI-S100