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Industrial Manipulating Division


The Robotics Design Industrial Manipulating division offers world-class solutions for industrial automation and telemanipulation that boost your productivity while reducing operating costs for your factory.


  • ANAT AMI-100 is a tele-operated industrial manipulator. Its modular architecture allows it to manipulate heavy loads through tight spaces and obstacles, and is portable and easily deployable.

Designed with ANAT technology, Robotics Design’s modular snake-arm manipulators are the future of assembly, welding, painting and materials handling, cutting and removal equipment. Their innovative modular design allows robots specialized for these markets to be formed from identical modules, and self-reconfigure to form new specialized robotic equipment.

Robotics Design’s cutting-edge robotic programming also allows these robots to serve multiple tasks simultaneously, and they can be designed in dual or quadra-arm configurations, to perform tasks that would typically require manual labour with unmatchable efficiency.

ANAT robot arms are formed from 1 to 32 modules, each conferring 1 D.O.F. which confers maximum movement efficiency to the arm and allows it to bend around obstacles with ease. The patented U and H shape of these modules evenly distributes weight from payloads between themselves, which allows longer arms to maintain payload carrying capacity, even when modules are added to make it longer.  

Factories equipped with superior ANAT robotics increase their productivity and virtually eliminate operating costs while decreasing allocated space for machinery, power consumption, and equipment installation times.
Entire factories can be tele-operated by a single user, and can be programmed to cooperate together for maximum time and space efficiency. Specialized factories are made to change good production overnight, then continue operating at maximum efficiency.